How to set up a Tesla bodyshop?

Tesla is an electric car that revolutionized and turned the market around. Like any new product, it is not without drawbacks. One of the main ones is the lack of an extensive network of specialized services. Even in the official coverage area, you have to wait a long time for an entry into the service. In countries where Tesla is not officially present, the lack of qualified services is a serious limitation to the growth of the car’s number. Potential buyers are afraid to find themselves in a situation where no one can help them solve their car problem. It is for these reasons that it is very promising to open both the official or unofficial Tesla service. You can capture a large share in a growing market.
Let’s consider the option of opening an Tesla approved bodyshop. To open, you will need to complete training in Tesla employees, including: diagnostician, mechanic, electrician, manager. In the description I will upload a file with official documents from Tesla on the number of employees and the necessary training courses.
You need a specific list of approved equipment, the amount can vary from $300,000 to $600,000. In the description I will upload a file with a detailed description of the required equipment. In general, the amount for opennig is about $ 1.5M. Many people think that the service itself should look like something special, but many bodyshops from the USA look quite primitive. A huge advantage of opening an official one is the development of the market, obtaining a dealership for the sale of cars, repair of warranty cars. The downside is the high exit threshold, the difficulty of starting due to the initial shortage of customers, the inability to provide services not approved by Tesla. Now let’s look at the option of an unofficial bodyshop. For the initial training of a diagnostician and an electrician, an amount of about $ 5,000 will be required. This is a basic diagnostic course. The course of working with the configuration, cleaning and binding blocks.
The ability to use current equipment if you start working with electric vehicles already on the basis of your bodyshop. You will need Toolbox2, toolbox 3, programmer tools, tools for working with CAN, LIN buses, battery diagnostics. About $10,000 more will be spent on programs and special equipment. You will be able to provide services not approved by Tesla, for example:
-Enabling additional options.
-Installation of additional unofficial equipment, such as door closers, hood opening, interior ambilight.
-service servicing with unofficial spare parts, it’s no secret that due to the shortage of spare parts, some customers in the USA have been waiting for their cars for months.
In an unofficial service, you are your own boss, you can set your own prices, but the lack of official status can be a minus in the eyes of customers.
It’s up to you, we, for our part, are ready to help with training courses, selection and purchase of diagnostic equipment.